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Angela Hornburg

KW Arlington


Exclusively with Keller Williams

The Keller Mortgage ZeroPlus loan program is available only through a Keller Williams transaction, giving you a powerful advantage over other lenders and changing the conversation with your clients.

Zero lender fees
Plus $1,000 credit at closing
Plus a discounted rate

How Keller Mortgage Works

Our process is simple


Client Referral

Keller Mortgage has been a game changer for my business and a huge blessing to my clients. The savings are difficult to beat!

KW- Keller Williams

Jennifer Hansen

Keller Williams agent


Online pre-application

It only took my client 7 minutes to complete the online pre-approval process. They loved how simple and easy it was!

KW- Keller Williams

Kati Van Cleave

Keller Williams agent


Pre-approval letter

I was able to choose and build a relationship with my loan officer who validated and provided an underwritten pre-approval letter for my client.

KW- Keller Williams

Brittany Roca

Keller Williams agent


ZeroPlus qualification

All my client had to do was input my name to qualify for ZeroPlus and all its benefits — they were thrilled to find out how much they would save.

KW- Keller Williams

Eduardo Isaacs

Keller Williams agent


Underwriting & funding

Keller mortgage prides itself on closing 99% of our loans on time, proving the commitment of our loan officers to KW agents and their clients.

KW- Keller Williams

Debbie Linard

Executive VP Operations

Every client’s needs are unique

“Money is often tight for my clients who are first-time homebuyers. Every penny saved can make a difference, and with the money they save through Keller Mortgage, they get to put that money toward other homebuying expenses or saving for their future.”

KW- Keller Williams

Kati Van Cleave.

Keller Williams Agent

“Kati mentioned that we should give Keller Mortgage a try. I was hesitant because it sounded too good to be true, but saving over $6,000 in lender fees on the purchase of our first home allowed us to start a college fund for our son!”

KW- Keller Williams


First-time homebuyer

Not a Keller Williams agent?

If you’re not buying a 6189737E-3F90-43ED-8B20-E8E6837FC0F3 listing and still want to work with Keller Mortgage, let’s talk.

Secrets to success

All they need to do is let us know they are working with you. Keller Mortgage offers its ZeroPlus programs to any customers referred by KW agents. There are several ways to refer them, have them look you up on our website, or send them a personalized invitation from our Agent Portal.
Yes, we allow you to select your prefered loan officer. Just let us know who you want to work with and we will make sure to channel all your customers to the right person.
ZeroPlus is Keller Mortgage’s Loan program, exclusively available through Keller Williams. You can save thousands of dollars with ZeroPlus, and the benefits include:
  • Zero lender fees
  • Plus $1,000 credit at closing
  • Plus a discounted rate
*$1000 credit applies to loans over $150k
If you want to purchase or refinance a property with the ZeroPlus program, just let us know that you are a KW agent and our loan officers will make sure you and your referrals get the savings and treatment you deserve.